Support The Earth Hour Today

By Natasha Rivera | Mommy Musings

Mar 19

Let's support the Earth Hour today! 

Have you noticed that it's hot year after year? I have! Especially this year that we have El Niño here in the Philippines. I remember when I was young (around 7 years old), we would huddle in our living room wrapped in blankets and in our jogging pants and jackets​, during the New Year celebration because it was very cold. This year, it wasn't that cold. I did have to wear my pajamas. A testament to our warming Earth.

​Here is a video on Global Warming from 1880 to 2015. You can see that 2015 was the hottest.

Time is of the essence, especially in doing our part to prevent Global Warming.

Today, we have the Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement by WWF to unite us all to take action for our planet. ​It was famously started as a lights out event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then, it has grown and has engaged hundreds of millions of supporters, individuals and organizations alike, in more than 7000 cities and towns in over 170 countries and territories worldwide.

Earth Hour has inspired millions worldwide to take action for our planet and help change climate change.​

The Earth Hour this year marks the 10th year of the Earth Hour movement. Shining a light on the climate action our planet needs has never been more important or urgent since 2015, last year, has been the hottest year on record.

Aside from switching off our lights for an hour, let's take a stand on our social media accounts and donate our social power to show that we care about the planet.

​I invite you to share the official Earth Hour 2016 video below and tag it with #EarthHour.

Let's ensure our children's future and combat climate change now!​

Aside from turning off our lights for an hour today, we can continue to combat Global Warming by making simple changes to our lifestyle.

Here in our home, ​we always make sure to unplug appliances that we do not use from the power outlet. Unplugging unused appliances or electronics (they call it energy vampires) can save you a lot on your electricity bill, which in turn saves us power to use for more important things. Generating electricity greatly contributes to Global Warming.

What do you do to combat climate change in your home? Comment below! 🙂