Mommy Tasha Starts Her Online Gift Shop

By Natasha Rivera | Earn Money Online

Jun 19

In this day and age, having multiple sources of income is a must.

Aside from my VA business, I'm looking on other ways to create a source of income that does not depend on traditionally opening up a brick and mortar business.

I already have web hosting which I use for this site. So I told myself, why not creating another website and this time, an online store.

It would help me maximize the use of my web hosting since they said that I could host unlimited websites on it.

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So here it is.

I am now unveiling and cutting the ribbon for my first online store!

Please welcome - Heart These Products.

It's an online gift shop that provides free gift and flowers delivery to the people in the Metro Manila area. How cool is that?

And since the store is online, you can put in your order anytime you want. Even in the middle of the night!

Then I will take care of lovingly gift wrapping, arranging your flowers, and delivering them for you.

Cool right? 😀

The online store is here -

It's also connected to an FB Page too -

The products are updated automatically on the FB page when I add them on the website. The wonders of technology is so amazing! :D​

I used WordPress for the website, Thrive Themes​ (since I also have a subscription with them) for the theme, and then WooCommerce for the shopping cart.

Right now, here are the FB insights right at the week of the launch of the store online.​


I am running a simple FB ads campaign to gain awareness to the store at the minimum amount.

I'll be publishing weekly updates about the store. Kind of like a case study about running an online store.​

Tune in on this blog so you'll be kept updated. 😀

Do you want to learn how to create your online store too?

I teach it in my course for people who want to be Techie VAs (who are not really techie). Check out the course here -​