Jun 13
mommy tasha & jomar hilario interview

Mommy Tasha was Interviewed by Jomar Hilario - From Call Center to Earning Dollars at Home Doing What You Love to Do

I was blessed to again be part of my mentor Jomar Hilario's webinar last May 30, 2016. This time, we talked about Affiliate Marketing and How You can start with Affiliate Marketing too.

In this webinar, I talked about how from being a Quality Analyst in a BPO company and then a Virtual Assistant working from home and then having a blog writing about things I love and earning from it too. 🙂

I thought that I was going to work the night shift forever. I was a college undergraduate. I did not have a degree and to apply for "regular" jobs in the Philippines, you needed to be at least a college graduate. Now I work in the comfort of our home with my kids playing beside me. 🙂

Below is the interview if you want to watch it. I also prepared a written format below if you love to read like me. 🙂

Here is the written part of the webinar:

At the start of the webinar, Jomar talked about the Joy and Ann show. It's a podcast by Joy Collado and Ann Penaredondo, who are fellow Filipina Virtual Professionals. 🙂

I listen to them on Podbean because iTunes on a PC is very slow. They talk about a lot of topics especially about being Virtual Professionals. The last time, Joy talked about how she got a client using Periscope.​

Jomar taught something at the start...

Selling from the point of view of the seller.

Do you want to have a skill that your client will pay you highly for? Of course yes!

Businesses need to make lots of money. You help your client make money as a Virtual Assistant.​

increase your income

If you want to increase your income, you need to increase your vocabulary.

You enter a store. What does the seller call you? You are not a customer, you are a visitor, because you have not bought anything yet.

If you go to the same store 10x, and have not bought yet, you are still not a customer because you have not​ bought anything yet.

When you buy something from the store, you are now a buyer! Yey! :)​

If you put your business card on the fishbowl at the store - the one where you put your calling cards in, ​you are now called a "prospect." Because you gave them your contact information.

The store then sends you an SMS or email, telling you to visit their store or about the sale they will be having at their store.

What did you do? You did nothing. Every week, they send you a promotional email and sms but you ignore it. You are called an "unengaged prospect.​"

Then you have a friend, Tere. Everytime the store sends a promotional SMS or email about their sales, Tere always visits the store. However, she has not bought anything yet but she has visited the store about 20 times now.

What do you call Tere? She is an "engaged prospect."​

Most of the time, you buy from a store when you have visited it 10 to 20 times. (Will research on this more.)

When you pay attention to the emails and SMS sent to you by the store, you are now a "lead." And if you buy from the store, for the first time, you are now called a "buyer."

If you buy again from the store, then you are a "repeat buyer." And if you always buy from that store, you are now a "loyal customer."

That was Jomar's lesson that night before I arrived because I was still resetting my Google Hangouts then. 

My Story Finally... 🙂

I started in a BPO Company...

I worked in a BPO company before and was forever in the night shift. It was tiring to work in the night shift for 8 years.

I was always sleepy during the day and w​as unable to join my children in their school events which gave me a heavy heart. Also, the BPO industry was very stressful (in my case). You have a scorecard that you need to maintain every month and also you are graded by your peers and managers through surveys.

In July 2015, I finally decided to get Jomar Hilario's IVS 2015 seminar. I was a college undergraduate and did not know of any kind of work outside of the BPO industry that accepts college undergraduates here in the Philippines.​ Jomar's seminar was my ticket to getting out of the night shift and to start working from home.

I got my very first online client a month after my 1st IVS live meet up training. I was so happy then. 😀 Also, this client did not interview me anymore even if my profile was new and that I did not have experience yet.

How did it happen? I sent her my portfolio in pdf format. My portfolio was from the lessons I learned from Jomar. This is a great tactic especially if you are just starting out and do not have a website yet.​

I got my second online client within a month and then I served my resignation letter.

Oct 9, 2015 was my last day at the BPO company because I needed to serve 30 more days after handing in my resignation letter.

I was so excited! I was FREE! I am now my own BOSS! :D​

Then Jomar started talking about having a Second Income. He started talking about how you would like to earn money while sleeping. You just put in the work and it will work from you continuously.

"I would love that!" I thought to myself. And I enrolled once again for his IVS 2016 and Second Income course.​

I was not disappointed because I learned a lot!

I'll be sharing some of what I learned from him here and how you could earn a Second Income too.​

freedom for others

I share these tips so you can have your freedom too. 🙂

I wrote and told stories using my blog.

In this blog, you will see that I talk about working from home, earning money online and also about my day out with my family.

I started this blog because I enjoy writing and thought it would be a great way to show clients on how adept I am in using the English language and also in showcasing my online marketing skills.

It turned out that I can also earn passive income from it. :)​

I chose a niche - audience.

I chose the people whom I want to talk to online.

The audience/ niche for this blog, are moms like me who want to work from home and have more time with their family. Even dads are welcome too. Basically, people who want to earn online as a VA and Affiliate Marketer.

My target audience also values time with their family because I have many posts about spending time with my kids too.​

How do you choose your niche?

A lot of people ask this question. Here are my tips to answer your question. I used these tips in this blog too so I know it will help you.

  • It should be something you enjoy.
  • It should be something you want to talk about.
  • It should be something you want to learn about.

Very simple right? The problem is that people are too afraid to start.

Many people ask about how to earn money online but are too lazy to put in the work. Earning money online is not magic. You need to put in a lot of hard work.

I found this great video that should inspire you to take action.​

Are you ready to take action now? 

First you need to arm yourself with knowledge so you know how to make money using Affiliate Marketing and Online Marketing.​ You can enroll in Jomar Hilario's Second Income course too!

I also have taken a Wealthy Affiliate' subscription and the great thing is they also provide free managed wordpress web hosting for 25 websites if you sign up with them. Its around 16k Php for a yearly membership with them. You actually get more than what you pay for because they have a lot of trainings available and they also have new trainings every week!

Check them out using this link: https://mommytasha.com/wa

What action did you take? Comment below! 🙂