Jun 15
mommy diary taekwondo yellow belt

Mommy Diary: Getting the Taekwondo Yellow Belt

One of the best things on being a work at home mom (WAHM) is being able to accompany my sons during their extra curricular activities.

One of the activities they have taken a liking to is Taekwondo. They started Taekwondo last April and I can tell that they are enjoying it.​

They have taken the promotion exam and are now promoted to low yellow belt.

Below is the video of their sparring activity which they did first before being presented with their Yellow Belt. I am one proud mama! 😀

I believe that participating in sports is important for the well being of my children to help them be healthier and smarter. According to truesport.org, playing sports has a positive effect on the academic performance of children.

How about you, what extra curricular activities are your kids a part of? Comment below! 🙂


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