Logitech h390 USB Headset

By Natasha Rivera | Technology

Mar 13

You need a good headset when you are working from home. This is to ensure that your clients would hear you well and you'd hear them loud and clear too. A good headset will also make you look more professional. My two mentors recommended that I get a good USB headset so I invested in one. I bought this Logitech USB h390 headset. I was unable to test it when I bought it. I am testing it now.

Logitech h390

Why get a USB headset?

Computer headsets that plug into your computer through the microphone and headphone jack are referred to as analog headsets or 3.5mm headsets. Analog headsets convert audio through the computer's sound card and the sound quality can be variable depending on how good your sound card is.​

USB headsets are plug-and-play with almost all newer operating systems, meaning that you don't need a special audio driver or sound card to use them, you can just plug them in to get started. The sound quality is generally much higher than a standard analog headset. USB headsets generally have the best sound quality for computer headsets and often have sound enhancing features such as noise-cancelling microphones, which cancel out background noise so your voice is clearer.

Logitech h390 features

  • USB Connection - Delivers clear, digital audio with plug and play simplicity.
  • Clear Digital Stereo - Experience superior sound clarity.
  • Laser-tuned Drivers - Minimize distortion so you can hear what you want to hear.
  • Noise-cancelling Microphone - Reduces annoying background noise.
  • Adjustable Headband - Gives you just the right fit.

I tested the noise cancelling part and I could say that it was great as long as the background noise is not that loud. Here is my sound check file. You can listen to it yourself.

The headset is great! The sound is louder when you use a regular headset through the 3.5 mm connection and the sound is better than with my skull candy headset.

Make sure that your client meetings are not interrupted by background noise. Get a professional headset so you could maintain that professional image even if you are working in your pajamas.

This is my affiliate link below if you want to buy the headset online. 🙂