What I Learned from Jomar’s Webinar Last 03/14/2016

By Natasha Rivera | Learnings

Mar 15
where do i focus on?

As part of my Monday habit, I attended my mentor, Jomar Hilario's webinar. His webinar was about the Success Lessons he learned from the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar.

Jomar talked about making assumptions and focused on changing your mindset. 

An example he used is about job hopping. Many people say that job hopping is bad and we instantly believed it. (I did before) They said that your resume would look bad if you had different jobs or switched companies in a short period of time. A friend (I forgot who he or she is, sorry) even advised me that you should stay in a company for at least a year so that you would not be branded as a job hopper.​ Now however, there are different thoughts about this. I see articles on the web saying that job hopping is now good for you and that promotion will come faster if you transferred to a different company instead of waiting in line for promotion at your current company.

Another example he used is about starting a business. Many people say that when you start a business, you must be prepared to lose money first. Who wants to lose money? I don't. Why should you assume that you will lose money first when you start a business? ​I prefer to earn money from my business straight away. Why not try your best to earn from your business right away?

Another example is about retirement. Who told you that you should retire at the age of 60? Where did that magic age come from? Why are we using the word retirement in the first place?

Check out Jomar's webinar below.

I am thankful that I got out of my assumption that I needed to stay in my BPO career so that I could make a living and support my family. If I did not make the big leap, then I would still be in the night shift now and would still be always sleepy during the day. I would not be able to join my kids' school activities and programs because I am sleeping during the day.

How about you? Who said that you need to endure the horrendous traffic and commute everyday when you can work from home and be with your loved ones? Did you just assume that you will work until you are 60 years old and then get your small pension from SSS when you retire?

I believe that instead of assuming things, you must create your prophesy instead. I prophesy that this blog will earn at least 3000 USD per month within 6 months. I prophesy that you can do it too. For tips on how to start a blog and/ or have an online career, subscribe to my email newsletter. Also, check out my resources page so you can start right away.

How about you? What kinds of things have you assumed automatically without proving it first? Leave a comment below.​ 🙂