Jomar’s Virtual Careers Seminar 2016

By Natasha Rivera | Learnings

Apr 11
Virtual Careers Seminar Apr 09

My mentor, Jomar Hilario, had his Virtual Careers 2016 Seminar last Saturday, April 09, 2016. I was fortunate to be a volunteer and DISC facilitator for the event. Jomar's Virtual Careers Seminar 2016 focused on helping newbies start their Virtual Careers from scratch. Jomar even had a segment explaining what your Virtual Professional resume would look like.

It was great to see that a lot of people attended the event. That means that a lot of people are interested in starting their Virtual Careers. Why wouldn't you be interested? Having a virtual career means having more time with your family and earning dollars from home.

Jomar had a lot of activities in store for the attendees. What I loved the most was writing down your 100 reasons on why you would like to have a Virtual Career. That would be your guide and inspiration on staying on the path towards being a successful and highly paid Virtual Professional. I know some of you know that already. (Wink wink. :))

Jomar's Virtual Careers Seminar 2016

Jomar was talking about the perfect Virtual Professional resume here.

I am honored to be able to share my Virtual Professional experience to the people in our D group (from DISC). I shared about how I got started with my Virtual Career, which started with taking Jomar's IVS 2015 course. I shared that I am pursuing a Virtual Career because of the freedom it gives me. Freedom to spend more time with my family, freedom from stressful bosses, freedom from commute and best of all, freedom to pursue my dreams while I work at my own time. Working at a BPO company is really stressful and the constant night shifts could take a toll on your health.

I thank God for the opportunity he gave me as a Virtual Professional. I get to work with clients whom I love and adore and I also have the time to work on other things like learning WordPress and web design. 🙂

I hope that I have inspired the people I have talked to in pursuing their own Virtual Careers. Just go for it and do your best! Because of the time limit, I forgot to tell them one important thing. Start right now! There is no room for procrastination. It is best to start small and then improve yourself little by little than waste time planning and doing nothing at all. That means you need to apply the things you learned in the Virtual Careers seminar right away. Right now.

Virtual Careers Seminar 2016

To the attendees of the Virtual Careers seminar, I hope that you read this. :)​

Were you there at the event? Comment below!​

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