May 24
Sticking Point Solution

IVS 2016: The Sticking Point Solution Activity

I am currently taking up the course: Instant Virtual Skills 2016 and Second Income by Jomar Hilario.

The Instant Virtual Skills 2016 course teaches about marketing automation like setting up landing pages and sales funnels. Here is a post about what we discussed during our April Live Meet Up.

Sadly I was unable to join this May's live meet up because we had a family vacation in Punta De Fabian and a blog post about it will be coming up soon. 🙂

This course is very hands on and we have a lot of activities and landing pages that we create. One of these activities is reading the book: The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham and then picking a story from the book and making a presentation based on the story.

For my presentation, I originally tried to make it using Adobe Spark. It looked great! But then, when I reached more than 10 slides, the site slowed down and my work failed to save. I even waited for it to save for a whole day, but sadly, it still failed to save so I looked for other options.

The next option I considered is PowerPoint. It is not web based, so it would be faster and I also have it in my computer so this was the best route to go. I started my PowerPoint presentation but felt like I needed more features like overlaying text over video (which I failed to do miserably in PowerPoint).

So what I did is I saved my PowerPoint presentation (the parts I was done with). And then I put it in Windows Movie Maker (which I also have in my PC yey!) and joined the two.

Below is the finished product. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

This story from The Sticking Point Solution shows you that you need to have a strategy for your business to succeed. You can start with a simple one and then build it up from there. You don't just go ahead and expect for sales to come in right away. Creating a business and nurturing it takes time and having a strategy will help you grow your business like a tree.

What do you think of it? Want me to make more videos like this? Comment below! 🙂