Jun 26
Instant Virtual Skills 2016 June Live Meet Up

We had another live meet up for Instant Virtual Skills 2016 last June 18. This time, Jomar had guests to teach us about video editing and making and managing Facebook ads.

Doing Facebook Ads the Easy Way

For the Facebook ads, Ni​ña Mendoza taught us about using Qwaya so you can manage hundreds of Facebook ads and save time and ultimately, money. She also shared with us some tips about running our own FB ads. I share some of them here.

Video Editing Activity

Nath, the second guest, gave us advice on editing videos.

Below is the video me and my group took. In this video, we talked about our ideal clients as Virtual Assistants.

I edited this video myself. :)​

I edited this video using Filmora. Their interface was very easy to use and they provide value for your money. Check them out here.

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