Instant Virtual Skills 2016: July Meet Up

By Natasha Rivera | Learnings

Jul 24
instant virtual skills 2016 july live meet up

I attended Jomar Hilario's Instant Virtual Skills Live Meet Up last July 23, 2016. The event was fun and did not disappoint. 🙂

Tools for Video Editing​

Jomar advised of us of the new tools for video editing that we can use. Both of them are very fun and easy to use.​

The first one is Biteable​. They dub themselves as "The World's Simplest Video Maker," in which I agree. Below is a sample video I created from it. Would you believe that it only took me 10 minutes to complete it?

The next one is Animatron. They dub themselves as "The Best Online Animation Maker." I didn't have time to make a video on it but Jomar said that it was also easy. 😀

Calendar Planning

Jomar reminded us about using our phone's calendars instead of just writing it on your calendar hanged at home. Well, it really depends on which is most effective for you.

For me, the phone calendar method works the best. I have my phone near me everyday. I also check it when I wake and before going to be (to check the time) so it would be handy to have my calendar there too.​

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The Millionaire Mindset

Jomar also talked to use about having the Millionaire Mindset. He gave us affirmations will help us become multi-millionaires.

I could tell you that one of the things I am using to be a multi-millionaire is investing in the stock market. However, you should not enter it blind. You need to have guidance. And who better to get that guidance from than Brother Bo Sanchez himself.

Do you know that one of his maids is already a millionaire because she has been following his advice for years now. If you also want to take advantage of his advice and make passive income through stock investing, join the Truly Rich Club here -​.

marketing titans

Sha Nacino's inspiring talk

Speaker and author Sha Nacino was also there to talk about her failures and how she used those failures to achieve the successes she has today.

The one most important failure I got from her was that she was buried in credit card debt before and it took her 3 years to zero it out. Her credit card debts inspired her to earn more so she can live the life she wants.​

I am also now trying hard to improve my skills so that I could earn more in less time and live the life I want for me and my family.

A Video for You

Jomar also taught us about other things like creating evergreen funnels, etc. The ones I wrote here are the highlights of the training for me.

I created a video so you can take a peek at the IVS 2016 seminar. Enjoy! :)​

By the way, I used Filmora to edit this video and also in editing podcasts for my clients.

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Do you have questions about Online Careers and in being a Virtual Assistant? Ask me in the comments below and I will write a blog post especially for you. 🙂