Attend FREE Money Management Seminars by the IMG-Wealth Academy

By Natasha Rivera | Finance

Feb 03

Sex education is required but financial education is not taught in schools. I'm also wondering why.

In order to be financially free, we need to learn how to properly handle money. Not just in budgeting, but also ​in making money work for you.

Should you out your money in the bank, in stocks, or in mutual funds? When is the right time to use each of these?​

I want to share with you the same opportunity provided to me in financial education.

I have partnered with IMG recently ​so readers of the Mommy Tasha blog can avail of financial education for free. The great thing is I will also accompany you at their office so you can ask your Work From Home questions personally too. 😀

What is IMG?


IMG stands for International Marketing Group.

IMG's mission is to help families achieve their dreams, through financial education and business opportunities. You can check their website here:​

They conduct money management seminars on topics such as investment, debt management, personal development and entrepreneurship.

The seminars are regularly held in different parts of the Philippines, and other key cities around the world. They happen live and online as a webinar.

Watch this video below on the membership benefits you can get with IMG.

What will you learn if you attend one of their money management seminars?

You will learn and understand the ways on how you can build a proper financial foundation and how you can be financially free. Another important takeaway is that you will learn how to make money work for you just like how Millionaires do it.

Here are some of the free seminar topics you can get:

  • Increasing your cash flow
  • Managing your debt
  • Building a strong financial foundation​
  • Building wealth and asset accumulation
  • Retirement planning and wealth preservation
  • Building a business in the financial industry
  • Health care - short term and long term

Are the seminars really free?

Yes! They are free. You do not need to buy anything in order to attend the seminars. If you opt in to go to the live seminars at the IMG office at Kingscourt Makati, I'll also accompany you there so you have someone to talk to. 😀

We also hold webinars at least once a week if you want to have the seminar at the comfort of your home.​

Kukunin ba yung credit card ko after the seminar?​

The answer is NO. Haha 😀

IMG members enjoy a wide variety of discounted financial products to help its members build a proper financial foundation. However, we will not force you to sign up for their products during the seminar.

Our goal is to help you be financially educated so you can make the right choices.

Although I did sign up right away for their Kaiser long term health care (health care is one of my biggest concern now that I am working from home with no company to pay for me and my family's HMO plan), you are not required to sign up for it in order to avail of the free seminars.

OK, how do I attend the free money management seminars?

Just fill out the form here and I will get in touch with you with the free seminar schedules.