From A Call Center Agent To A Work From Home Podcast Pro With Eloisa Almonicido

By Natasha Rivera | Earn Money Online

Feb 13
Eloisa Almonicido

Our guest today, Eloisa Almonicido, helps entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers, and business owners, spread their message in an audio form and eventually find their 1,000 true fans.

She does this by taking over their post production for their podcast shows.

Watch (or listen), and learn how Eloisa started to work from home as a podcast producer.

Why did Eloisa Almonicido want to work from home?

Eloisa wanted to work from home mainly because she wants to get time freedom.

She has a family now, and her daughter had just turned 7 this January. She wanted to be there for her daughter's milestones in life.

Her family is her big reason on why she started working from home.

What are the PROS and CONS of working from home?



  1. No commute
  2. Own working environment
  3. More time with family
  1. Income is not secure
  2. Prone to distraction
  3. Keeping work and family separate

What work does Eloisa do now?

Eloisa is a podcast management expert.

Podcasts still have a huge and untapped potential in the Philippines.

Eloisa deals with podcast post production. She works on the ​podcast after the client is done with recording an episode.

She edits the podcast for her clients - make sure that her client sound intelligent and eloquent in their podcasts.

She also makes show notes which has time stamps of the podcast which helps to entice readers to listen to the podcast. We all know that not everyone listens to the podcast right away.

She then also helps the client with social media posts for the podcast so they can extend the shows' reach. She creates quote cards, images and audiograms for clients. 

These are just an overview of what she does for her clients.

3 tips for people who want to start working from home

All in
  1. Pray for discernment
  2. Do or do not; There is no try
  3. Invest in yourself and get a mentor

What tools does Eloisa use for her work?

  • Lybsin for podcast hosting
  • Google docs for her client's content calendar
  • for free podcast hosting

What is Eloisa's favorite book now?

The Daily Stoic

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Eloisa's advice to people who want to work from home

Don't do what you love, do whatever it takes.

Do you have other questions about working from home? Ask us in the comments section below.