The Dr. Alvin 30 Day Challenge

By Natasha Rivera | Health and Beauty

Mar 17
dr alvin 30 day challenge

​I have heard about this Dr. Alvin products and read about them online. I became curious because it has been months now that I have been plagued by pimples. I have decided to embark on this Dr. Alvin 30 day challenge so I could help out people who are curious about the product too but haven't tried it out yet.

I get irritated everytime I see a pimple commercial on TV.

Are you the same as me? I get irritated everytime I see a pimple commercial. As if just using a specific face wash or toner will get rid of your pimples right away. And worse, the commercials portray having a pimple as if the world is ending. 

Here is a sample of a commercial I really hate. Really? Just using that product would get rid of my pimples? 

That kind of reaction for just one pimple? What about me? Should I cover my face with a paper bag everytime I go out of the house? What does this commercial teach the young people nowadays?

In my search for the pimple cure, my sister found and recommended these Dr. Alvin products. I have also checked online and found that it has great reviews. 

My sister has also been plagued by pimples (worse than me). She had been using adapalene and a toner with antibiotic recommended by her dermatologist. She also undergoes facials with her derma but it only improves slightly and then comes back with a vengeance.

So I took a picture of my face currently plagued by pimples at the start of my 30 day challenge so I could compare it after it has been completed. Here is my face. Yay!

Here is a picture of my face plagued with pimples taken by my brilliant son. 🙂

me with pimples

See those pimples? Let's see if Dr. Alvin can handle it.

Watch out for my update soon.​ I'll include pictures too!

Check it out in Lazada if you want to buy it online. This is my affiliate link with them. 🙂