Captain America Civil War Review from a Mom and 2 Kids

By Natasha Rivera | Mommy Musings

May 02
captain america civil war review

This is a review of Captain America: Civil War from a Mom and 2 Kids. Don't worry, there are no spoilers. 🙂

The perks of working from home is that you can watch movies in the movie theater anytime you want to even on weekdays. But we watched the movie on a Saturday haha.​

The movie's trailer really caught my attention. Ironman Vs Captain America and the Winter Soldier and you'd also see that they were beating him up. Then there's also Spiderman! Wow!​

Watch the trailer below if you have not watched it yet.

Before watching the movie, I made sure that it's suitable for my kids to watch - PG rating according to MTRCB.

I can say that I liked the movie especially the fight scenes. It really entertained me and my kids!

It was hard to choose whose side you'll be on. Both Captain America and Iron Man had good reasons to do what they did. I also admired Iron Man's diplomacy in this film, which is very consistent with his character.

It's so hard to do a review without giving out spoilers.

Listen to the reviews of my two kids here. :)​

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