May 31
blogapalooza 2016

Mommy Tasha on Blogapalooza 2016:


Fun and Learnings​

The Blogapalooza 2016 event was held in Eton, Quezon Avenue last May 21, 2016. It aimed to connect bloggers with business for a chance to collaborate with each other. There were also star speakers who talked about blogging as a business, working with brands, maintaining strategic blogger relations, and using videos as a marketing tool. It's my first time to attend it because I just launched Mommy Tasha this year.


Who doesn't love freebies? The businesses who joined Blogapalooza 2016 had booths set up and most of them were giving away freebies. Some even had games you had to win in order to be eligible to pick your prize and get one if you were lucky (sometimes you get the 'better luck next time' message).​

I got an 8GB USB Flash Drive from Happy Fresh from downloading their app. Thank you Happy Fresh! :)​

And then there was the new chips from Chippy that was included in the freebie eco bag. It's in a 'twister chips' style and the flavor was cheese and lemon if I remember. It tasted funky and I will not buy it ​if I see it in supermarkets (sorry Chippy but you need to come up with a better one). Even my 2 sons did not like it.

I'm sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the items because my 2 sons were so excited in unpacking and unwrapping the goodies that I did not have time to take pictures anymore.

The Speakers

What I really was interested in (aside from the food) are the talks by the guest speakers that Blogapalooza 2016 invited for this year.

Ginger Arboleda

Ginger Arboleda talked about treating your blog as a business. I regret not having my camera ready to take a video of her talk. 🙁

She had a lot of insights on how to run your blog as a business. What struck me the most was about being true to your brand and also having a media kit for your blog. I still don't have a media kit yet and will finish one up this week, so stay tuned. 🙂

The Intermission Number

To keep the people happy and entertained, they had a great mind master do tricks! Here's a video of it where my friend, Bert is the volunteer.

Go Bert! 🙂

How Brands Can Work Best with Bloggers and Influencers

The panelists were Norman Agatep, Matec Villanueva, Mikael Daez and Erika Padilla.

Yes! One of the panel speakers is Mikael Daez. I was impressed with him because he had great insights about being true to your brand. Yay! I was glad that I was able to take a video of this talk.

The panelists were also able to share a lot of insights about how to work with brands as a blogger.

I took a video of it so I could review it at a later time. You can watch the video here and learn from the speakers' insights even of you are not at the Blogapalooza event. 🙂

One key take away from this talk is about putting more weight on engagement in Social Media rather than reach. They also emphasized about putting quality over quantity. A Blog or Social Media Account with 100 followers who comment regularly and share your posts is more valuable than a Blog or Social Media Account with 1000 followers but has no other engagement.

Have you been to the Blogapalooza event too? How was your experience? Comment below! 🙂