Amplifr A New Way To Manage Social Media Accounts

By Natasha Rivera | Ask Mommy Tasha

Jul 16
Amplifr A New Way To Manage Social Media Accounts

So a lot of VAs and online entrepreneurs manage social media for their businesses.

Social media channels are a great way to increase brand awareness for your business and it's very affordable too.

As a Techie VA, I use my social media accounts to expand my professional network and also to establish my credibility in the online VA world.

A great news that I have for you is that AppSumo has partnered up with Amplifr to create a lifetime deal for managing your social media accounts.

No need to pay ann arm and a leg for social media management tools. Best of all, no need to pay every month.

How much is Amplifr?

For only 49 USD, you get lifetime subscription and access to Amplifr.

What do you get?

The deal, which is valued at $2,880, gives you:

  • Up to 30 social media accounts

  • Unlimited scheduled posts

  • Up to 3 projects

  • Up to 3 collaborators for all projects

  • Up to 3 post sources (RSS or Instagram)

  • Up to 3 conversion events analyzed

That's an awesome deal so I signed up for it right away! 😀

You can sign up for it too under my link here.

The Amplifr Demo

Here's a video I made so you can take a peek inside Amplifr. Enjoy!

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