Achievement Unlocked: Social Media Marketer Level 1

By Natasha Rivera | Learnings

Aug 28
Social Media Marketer Level 1

Yay! I finally got my first official course certificate from Coursera.

The course is: What is Social? offered by Northwestern University on Coursera. It's my first step towards becoming a professional Social Media Marketer.

Here is the course description which I copied from Coursera - "The “What Is Social?" MOOC is for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to significantly improve their abilities to grow their social strategy using effective, proven methodologies. This hands-on, "how to" program won’t just tell you how to grow your professional persona using social – you will actually do it! This course is the first in the six-course specialization, Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World."

Why do Social Communities Form?

I think the most valuable takeaway that I got from the course is the insight on how social communities form. By knowing how they formed, you can then decide on what kind of behavior the members on it will have and also decide on the best content to share with that community.

Why do social communities form

The Social Pyramid

The course also explained about the Social Pyramid.

The first level, which is at the top most of the pyramid are the social networking sites. Think of Facebook and Twitter. They're included in this level.

The second level is news aggregators. These are the channels who focus on covering news and special-interest topics. I think of and the Huffington Post as examples for this level.

The third level is the passion connections. Passion sites are where people share and talk about passions with each other. I would say that my Facebook group, Work From Home Be Awesome is included in the passion connections because the group serves as a way to connect people with the same passion which is having a Virtual Career and Working From Home.

Level 4 is video connections. I'm glad that I'm doing webinars every week! Through my webinars, I am able to reach a lot more people since it also includes my Youtube videos. This gives me more reach since people who don't see my blog posts can still watch my Youtube videos.

Level 5 and the lowest level of the Social Pyramid are the Virtual Communities. I would consider a Private Facebook Group to be a virtual community if the members are really active in discussing their interests with each other. I'd like to see the Facebook group, Work From Home Be Awesome achieve that status six months from now. 🙂

The course is a great introduction to Social Media Marketing.

I'll be continuing on my journey to becoming a Professional Social Media Marketer by taking on the next course in the specialization - The Importance of Listening.

Learn more about the course here.

Have you already taken the course? Tell me about your experience below! 🙂