About Tasha

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Hello, I'm Natasha! πŸ™‚


I have a very understanding and handsome (ahem) husband and I am proud mom of 2 healthy and brilliant boys.​ 

I love sleeping and eating. I also love reading books and writing about my life.​

I took Fine Arts, major in Painting in UP Diliman​ but was unable to complete it because our first son arrived! Yay!

I then worked in the BPO industry for almost 8 years. All those 8 years, I was in the night shift. Everyday (every night, ahaha), I go to work at night, bidding my children goodnight and then sleep in the morning when all the people in our house are awake. It was not an easy life. Sure they pay well (I was a Quality Analyst in my last 5 years at the BPO industry) and ​they give you free HMO (I pay for my children's). However, nothing can compare to being able to sleep with your family at night, tucking my children in bed and being there when they wake up to help them prepare for the day ahead.

I am lucky that I am subscribed to Bo Sanchez's email newsletters then and I was introduced to my Virtual Careers mentor, Jomar Hilario. He has free webinars every Monday about Filipinos working from the comfort of their home, and earning dollars. This is NOT networking by the way. πŸ˜› This is for legitimate jobs.​

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The few times that I joined Jomar's webinars, his guests were usually professionals offline already before they became Virtual Professionals. I really did not have an idea about working online back then. I did not know how I would be able to earn money online without selling anything.

Then Jomar had an episode about a call center agent who said that he got an online job 26 days after attending Jomar's Date with Freedom seminar for newbie Virtual Profesionals. This sparked my interest. I told myself that if this guy could do it, then I could do it too.​

I took the first step and signed up for Jomar's IVS 2015 course back in July 2015. I know that Jomar was saying that the course is not for newbies but I wanted to meet living and breathing Virtual Professionals then so that I could affirm to myself that having and online career is possible. ​I was not disappointed and during the live meet up, I met the Virtual Professionals taking the course.

IVS 2015

I followed Jomar's instructions during the live and online meet ups and also diligently did the homeworks he gave us. I also bought Jomar's Virtual Careers book. You can check it out here. The book is very useful for beginners and I followed the instructions in there too.

Aside from completing the assignments, I also looked for clients so that I could start working online. I applied for jobs everyday at Upwork. Their interface is very easy. I was so happy when I got my first job a month after the first live meet up I attended for IVS 2015. Not long after, I got my second client in Upwork! Yay! They are both still my clients in Upwork up until now. πŸ™‚

When I got regular earnings from my Virtual Professional career, I decided to resign as a Quality Analyst from the BPO company that I was working at. That was one month after I got my 1st client.

I am now a very happy Work At Home Mom (WAHM), earning money while working from the comfort of our house. I work while my 2 sons are playing or doing their homeworks in the same room as me.

The video below is when Jomar interviewed me on his webinar. πŸ™‚

I also now spend more time with my family because I do not have to commute everyday to go to work. I am very happy too that I do not have to work the night shift. :)​

You too can work from home. It just takes hard work and a big leap of faith. Sign up for my email newsletter so you can learn and get updates about working from home. Check out my resources page too so you know what you need to get great online jobs and work from home.​

Feel free to contact me at: tasha @ mommytasha.com. πŸ˜€