10x Your Life This 2017

By Natasha Rivera | Mommy Musings

Dec 31
10x Your Life This 2017

Happy New Year!

Whew! I have finished all the work associated with the holidays: buying gifts for my 2 sons, hubby and my inaanaks, buying food for the New Year feast (my sisters and mother will cook), plus a ton of other activities for this holiday season. 😀

This last day of 2016, I paused for a moment to think about what I want to improve in my life this 2016. Then I remembered this email that I received just this week. This email talked about the steps to 10x your life and business this 2017.

Why 10x?


Because if you aim to get 10x more, you'll definitely get a greater increase than let's say aiming for just 10% or 20%.

It reminds me of this quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” - Norman Vincent Peale

And I agree with this 100%.

So here are the steps so you can 10x your 2017 with me. I got some of these from the email that I wrote and tweaked some a bit. 🙂

Step #1: Write a list of the areas you want to 10X over the next year.

Here is my list:

  • ​10x my Family Relationships
  • 10x my Health
  • 10x my Finances (specifically my Monthly Income)
  • 10x my Professional Skills
  • 10x my Relationships
  • 10x my Spiritual Life

Step #2: Write How you are going to 10x those areas in your life.

For example, in the area where I want to 10x my Professional Skills, I've written down what specifically I will do.

  • Do my best in the Work From Home Be Awesome Mentorship Program.
  • Improve my WordPress skills.
  • Improve my DIgital Marketing skills.

Step #3: Write How you are going to achieve the goals you set in Step #2.

So very easy right?

So to achieve my goal of doing my best in the Work From Home Be Awesome Mentorship Program, I've written down that I should be always prepared for my lesson presentations with them.

I'm still thinking of ways on how to better myself in this area and I'll add more to my list when I think of more. This is a work in progress so don't be afraid to add or change or subtract things from your list.

I've put mine in a spreadsheet in Google Drive so I could access and update it anytime I want.

Step #4: Find an accountability partner and share your goals with them then be accountable for each other!

Now I have to find an accountability partner.

Find one whom you trust and whom you are not ashamed to share your goals with. Also, this someone should also want to 10x their life so you both have the same goal.

Then communicate with your accountability partner every week.

You can even share with our Facebook group if you'd like. :)​

You can find our FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/workfromhomebeawesome/​

Step #5: Check on your goals every week by yourself and with your accountability partner.

This is so that you could keep track of your goals and for you to always remember them.

Don't give up and put your effort into completing your goals. Remember, your goal is to 10x your 2017!

Let's make 2017 our 10x year! 😀

How will you 10x your life this 2017? Comment below! :D​