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Where are you now?


Still at that boring 9-6 job where you brave the traffic just to get to work?

And then you get scolded at by your boss when you make a mistake?​

call center

Are you still working in the night shift?

I worked in the night shift for 8 years and I know the feeling of "puyat" and a heavy heart when I need to leave the house while my kids are sleeping.​

virtual assistant

Are you a Virtual Assistant now but still working 40 hours a week because your rate is low?

Have a change in mindset and add to your skillsets! I'll teach you the techniques on how you can get that rate you want!

Start Working From Home NOW!

Tasha RiveraYour Techie VA

​I thought that I was going to be working in the night shift forever.

At first I was happy that I got accepted in a Call Center. I was a college undergrad 10 years ago and needed the job to support my baby.
However, that changed when my babies got a little older. (Yes, I have two adorable sons.) I am unable to join their school activities because I was too sleepy during the day to do anything else than sleep. I was also getting tired of doing the same old thing for years like auditing calls and doing reports so I applied for promotions in my company but I was not accepted. I thought then that maybe I could have a life outside of the BPO industry.​
I consider myself lucky that I found out about working from home as a Virtual Assistant. I now work at home while my babies watch TV in the other room. I can hear what they're watching on Youtube and I can take them to their  summer Taekwondo lessons.

You can Work From Home.

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